Xavi avoids criticizing Mateu Lahoz.

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Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez believes Antonio Miguel Mateu Lahoz has lost control of the game. But the 42-year-old has avoided direct criticism of the 45-year-old referee.

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez told Antonio Mikel Mateu Lahoz after Saturday’s 1-1 draw with Espanyol. That the 45-year-old’s black shirt was not He was in control of the game. As it should have been given seven yellow cards and two red cards six minutes into the second half. Sending Jordi Alba and Vinicius Souza off the field, according to ‘Diario Sport’ 

‘Today Lahoz lost control of the game. The game was out of control, Lahoz was the black shirt that decided calmly. But today he can’t control the game. But I don’t blame him for anything.’ UFABET.

‘You asked me about referees and I can’t control him. He should come out and speak about his decision.’

When asked about the hug between him and Lahoz before the game, Xavi replied: ‘He told me he was happy to see me. I told him I was happy too.’

Xavi also said of Jordi Alba’s dismissal for arguing with the referee: ‘Jordi Alba told me he didn’t say anything to Lahoz before he got the yellow card second’

Asked if he had spoken to the referee after the game.

The 42-year-old replied:

‘At the end of the game I told Lahoz he had lost control or?’

‘If Lahoz speaks at the press conference now I’ll ask him why the game is out of control.’ 

Asked if the players backed him, Xavi replied: ‘Players follow me, if I didn’t feel that way I would go home. Today we are all angry with ourselves. Because the results are not fair for what you do. But this is football.’

Before discussing this season’s La Liga title race, ‘It’s important to finish the year positively. It is true that we are still leading the league alongside Real Madrid but we lost two points because of ourselves.’