Roberto was surprised Jordi Alba wasn’t careful until he was fired.

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Experienced Barcelona left-back Jordi Alba was sent off by referee Antonio Mikel Mateu Lahoz amid the surprise of many of his teammates.

Barcelona right-back Sergi Roberto has revealed to Mobystar that. He was a bit surprised that 33-year-old left-back Jordi Alba was not careful enough to get sent off by the referee. From the field in a 1-1 draw against Espanyol last Saturday. 

Barcelona appeared to have an easy win over Espanyol after Marcos Alonso opened the scoring in the seventh minute. But Parrots leveled with a penalty from Jose Luis Santa Maria Mato Joselu. Before the Azul Gra team should have 10 players left after the referee Antonio Miguel Mateo Lahoz taped Alba off the field from the card. UFABET Yellow-red during the 78th minute. Although the first name was registered only 4 minutes before that.

Although the visiting team only had 10 players left after Vinicius Sousa. The Brazilian midfielder was fired 2 minutes later. But Espanyol was still able to hold on. Until the attack to share points with the Azu team First logan since 2009.

‘Alba forgot his first yellow card. I don’t know what he said to get the referee to send him off.’ Roberto said after the game. In the second half we needed a second goal and more control of the game.’