Merson sees only Arsenal and Manchester City competing for the league title.

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Sky Sports guru Paul Merson believes that. The only two teams left in the Premier League title race are Arsenal and Manchester City.

         “Cannon” continues to do a great job with a 4-2 win over Brighton in the last game, making it now 7 points away from “sailing”. Which in Merson’s point of view. That Mikel Arteta’s team is now in pods and only 2 teams have the chance to win the Premier League title.

         “It’s in their hands.” Merson told Sky Sports. “There are teams – big teams that can’t win the Premier League right now.” UFABET 

         “You look at Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Man United, for me it’s only Arsenal or Man City, unless there’s a team that can do the best in Premier League history. “

         “I don’t see anyone stopping Arsenal at the moment. They play very well. It’s no coincidence, they went to Old Trafford and lost and I don’t think they should have lost either.

         “26 games to go they have to win 22 games they can lose a few games, Man City are not going to win every game.”

“I think Arsenal managed the game really well, when they’re 3-2 up, Liverpool seem harmless to them.”

“You’re talking about a very young and inexperienced team. I’m impressed. They came back top and went through another game. They just have to keep doing this.”