How Man City need to change the team Where else should I add? 

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How Man City need to change the team Where else should I add? To receive next season’s battle.

Cross the finish line with 3 historic champions. But when life does not end here, Pep Guardiola’s duty on the Manchester City boss’s chair is still there. What will he have to do to keep the team for the new 2023/24 season still as strong as before? Which is amazing how they should adjust the team Where else needs to be added? after ascending to the top of the football world.

Goalkeeper: Cross.

One of the positions where nothing must touched. Overlooking it is the goalkeeper. Which already fits in well with world-class stickman Ederson Moraes of Brazil as the No. 1 and Stefan Ortega (30, a year older than Ederson) as a replacement. can be trusted

Ederson ‘s situation is nothing to worry about at all. When, despite standing in front of the pole for Pep’s team for 6 years, the contract still remains until 2026, including that of the person’s attitude There was no sign that he wanted to go out and seek new challenges.

As well, secondhand Ortega had just moved last year (signed until 2025) and moved with  already knowing” that he was second hand, which Pep was still “balance” by opening the way. Let the German defenseman be the real one in the FA Cup, to what extent? Don’t think about changing even to the final match. which when issuing this picture Got the team’s heart to the full until the end of this season Two hands like him have played a total of 14 games in all competitions.

Defender: Hmmmm how is it?

If you look at the bigger picture, you can see that City are still lacking a “left-back” after Oleksandr Zinchenko left the club last summer, followed by Joao Cancelo. Just waste it Until recently, they have been associated with either Ben Chilwell, a good Chelsea player, or Alphonso Davis, a runner. Who can kick the ball a bit from Bayern Munich.

But to be honest, Pep can deal with this problem without a problem. Both moving Nathan Ake to stand, Aymeric Laporte to stand, try to use the new 22- year-old Sergio Gomez down some (23 games, half of the reserve), Switch sides of youngster Rico Luiz from the right to the left…or is it too heavy? “Not using a left-back” is a waste.

After all, as we have seen in many games with a 3-2-4-1 formation, including the Champions League final with Nathan Ake at left centre-back and Rodri in central defence. Left flank (John Stones couple) with Jack Grealish standing on the left wing. Who is ready to step back to help defensively from สมัคร ufabet

Or the FA Cup final is also this system, changing only Manuel Akanji to stand in the left center (Ake sits on the bench), which does not see that there will be many problems in dealing with Jadon Sancho Marcus Rashford or Bruno Fernandes and Alejandro Carnacho

So if we look at the picture. That’s going on this season and Man City have finished third, it’s worth spending £70-80m on a new left-back like Chilwell or David. It doesn’t seem to be necessary or worth investing.