“Vegetarian” and the wrong way to eat Harm your health without realizing it

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Vegetarian” and the wrong way to eat Harm your health without realizing it.

It is gratifying that many people are turning their attention to taking care of their health , starting with choosing good food. that are beneficial to the body Like the clean eating trend. Or many people choose to eat vegetarian food. Believing that it has good effects on the body. And it’s also a merit making. Reduce the killing of animals as well. Reporet from สมัคร ufabet

But eating vegetarian is not correct. It may lead to health that is not as good as you think as well.

“Vegetarian” and the wrong way to eat Harm your health without realizing it

There may be some people (not all) who are just starting to become vegetarian. Because I want to have better health. And there may a by-product of receiving merit because it helps reduce encroachment on animal life. But eating vegetarian food by Just “abstain from eating meat” It may not have much of a positive effect on your health. If you still eat these foods

– Rice and refined grains such as white rice and bread.

– Fruit juices (extracted) and sweetened drinks full of sugar, such as soft drinks.

– Various bakery desserts such as cookies

– Flour that has fried, such as fried potatoes, fried durian

these foods Vegetarians are more likely to eat refined flour. and more sugar than those who normally eat meat.

How to eat for good health

If your goal is to eat vegetarian. is to achieve good health Many experts confirm that Veganism is not the final solution. But it is a diet that focuses on fruits and vegetables. It may not be to the point of having to abstain from eating meat. Just choose to eat meat that is low in fat. And choose to drink only drinks that have little sugar. (Sounds like clean eating, right?) You can choose foods as follows:

– Unrefined flour such as coarse rice, brown rice, whole wheat bread.

– Less fatty meat, reduce red meat, choose white meat such as chicken (skin removed) and fish.

– Eat fresh fruit rather than drinking fruit juice. (which only gets sugar) does not contain dietary fiber. which is the part that has a lot of vitamins And dietary fiber also helps increase the efficiency of the digestive system.

– Reduce eating dairy products that come with high fat such as butter, margarine, cheese.

– Reduce eating foods that contain only starch. and pure sugar such as bakery products, soft drinks, and sugary drinks.

Advice for vegetarians

If anyone is still committed to eating vegetarian food. It is also considered good for health. And your mind is We are not suggesting that you switch to eating meat. But don’t forget to balance each meal well. In addition to eating vegetables and fruits (with dietary fiber) in every meal Protein intake is also important to prevent vegetarians from becoming malnourished. You can replace protein from meat with eggs, milk, nuts, mushrooms (for vegetarians, choose soy milk), quinoa, avocado, sesame, and agricultural protein.