The correct way help someone who is choking on food, both for yourself

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The correct way to help someone who is choking on food, both for yourself, adults, and children.

The role of people being unlucky It was bad luck like that. Without any omens at all, in our lives the chance of a “choking on food” event where the food gets stuck in the throat and makes us unable to breathe until we die is probably very small. But it doesn’t mean that it will never happen. Because if it really happened And we weren’t able to help in time. or help incorrectly We may suddenly lose the person we love forever. Report from ยูฟ่าเบท

The correct way to help someone who is choking on food.

I myself choked on my food.

  1. Gather your senses and try to find water to drink. If not, try to straighten your neck. To open the esophagus wider Then I coughed loudly. Allow food to bounce out of your throat.
  2. Spread out your pinky finger and thumb so that your hand is in the shape of a “buffalo horn.” Then place the tip of your pinky finger around your navel. The tip of the thumb is under the epigastrium. Then retract both fingers into a simple fist. Then turn the nail side of the thumb towards you. Place the other hand over the clenched hand and slowly begin to press against the abdominal area while arching your back slightly. to cause the body to choke out food

Helping someone choking on food

  1. Have the person who is choking stand up. We enter through the back.
  2. Insert the foot in the center of the back between the patient’s feet. The other foot is placed behind you, providing force.
  3. Find the position to place your hands as before. Make a fist with only the little finger and thumb raised. The tip of the little finger is placed around the navel. The tip of the thumb is placed under the breast. Or under the epigastrics, retract the fingers, turning the front of the nail of the thumb towards you. Take your other hand and hold it. Then send pressure, push, pull, and push the body up.

young child choking on food

  1. He noticed that the child opened his mouth and screamed. But no sound came out. This indicates that something is blocking the airway.
  2. If you are a very young child Can be carried in a prone position One hand supporting his neck from the front. Use the other hand to pound lightly. In the middle between both back shoulder blades about 5 times.
  3. If the food hasn’t come out yet Place the child back in a supine position by gently supporting the back of the child’s neck first. Then take your other hand and hold up your index and middle fingers. Press down on the area halfway between the child’s breasts and press hard about 5 times. If the food still doesn’t come out, keep switching to it.