5 ways to use dental floss to help remove food particles

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Floss will help remove food particles between your teeth that brushing might not be able to clean. Including teeth that are difficult to clean. Such as inner molars or crooked teeth, using dental floss will help clean those areas better. Helps to have good oral health. and prevents harm to gums and teeth 

Once you know the benefits of dental floss Let’s see how to ufabet http://ufabet999.app use dental floss in a few simple steps. Let’s do these.

1. Pull the floss to the right length.

Pull out a piece of dental floss about 12 inches or 1 ruler long, which is the appropriate length. not too short And not too long To make it convenient to use Easy to clean food scraps and stuck dirt thoroughly. 

2. Use your fingers to wrap the dental floss correctly.

When the length is suitable Wrap the floss around your middle finger. or which finger is most convenient And use the thumb and forefinger of both hands to hold the floss. Pull it tight. To hold the floss firmly so it doesn’t fall off easily, be careful not to wrap the floss too little around your finger. Because it will make holding the floss not tight enough. It may slip out when you start flossing. 

3. Hold the floss in a C shape and gently scrub between the teeth.

At this stage, I emphasize that you should take it slowly. Plow the silk into the grooves of the teeth. This is because some people push the silk too hard and it hits the gills. May cause injury and can bleed Good use of dental floss Should be used gently. There’s no need to exert a lot of force.

How to hold the floss while flossing so that it wraps around the teeth in a C shape, attached to the teeth, and can be rubbed in the front and back direction. Or in an up and down direction as you are comfortable with. The floss will be able to clean the groove walls better. It is not recommended to lay it in a straight plane and rub it back and forth. Because you may make a mistake and cause your gums to become inflamed. 

Using dental floss to clean which side of your teeth? Use the same hand outside. For example, Use dental floss on the left side. Keep your left hand outside. Then use dental floss to scrub gently until all teeth are covered, and in 1 crevice the teeth must be cleaned on both adjacent teeth. For convenience and speed

which uses dental floss to clean teeth You can start polishing from either side first. You can start with the left or right upper teeth first, or the lower teeth first. as convenient or easy to remember

4. Clean the gums.

The gum tissue and under the gums are another area that needs to be cleaned. Because there is an accumulation of various bacteria. which easily causes tartar Therefore, dental floss is very important for this part. Because if left untreated, it may cause complications. 

Therefore, clean every part thoroughly. Both the gum tissue and the area under the gums are scrubbed approximately 10 times per side to make them even more clean. Be careful not to scrub too hard. Because it may cause the floss to cut into the gums and cause a wound.

5. Pull out the floss when you are finished cleaning.

When you’re done cleaning between your teeth, you can take the floss straight out. But if the gaps between your teeth are tight, Or there are food scraps or large materials stuck. Can be removed by swiping out the front instead. and discard immediately when finished using Should not be reused. When finished, spit out the water and throw it away. Before entering the next step of brushing your teeth

If anyone has just tried the above-recommended method of flossing and is still not familiar with it, don’t be discouraged. Because if you can’t hold the dental floss comfortably, You can choose to use dental floss with a handle. By holding the handle firmly And use the same scrubbing technique as normal dental floss. Or anyone who has been injured from grinding their teeth to the point of bleeding. You can also get advice on flossing with dental floss from your dentist.