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Restaurant Hong Kong | Best Restaurant Interior Design (Top 3!)

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This video will show you the top 3 design winners in restaurant Hong Kong. To survive the competitive scene in restaurant Hong Kong, it’s not just great food and service that’s required, a combination of lighting, furnishings and decoration sets the mood for any meal and can make or break the success of a restaurant, bar or café in the city. As such, Restaurant Hong Kong decided it was time to sing the praises of those who are excelling at providing just the right setting to excite diners’ taste buds.

With a glamorous awards ceremony, the businesses with the best ambiance in the F&B biz, along with their designers, were celebrated in categories from best hotel, casual dining and fine dining restaurants to best café and best bar. Here are the top 3 winners:

1. Silver Room won first in Hotel Restaurant category

2. Mott 32 won first in Fine Dining Restaurant category

3. Penthouse won first in Casual Dining Restaurant category

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