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Luxury Online Interior Design Before and After

Professional interior design, customized for you, all online.

Luxury Online Interior Design


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Design Sips is luxury interior designer Sandra Funk’s weekly Facebook and
Instagram LIVE show, airing Wednesdays at 4pm EST. Viewers tune in real
time to watch Sandra discuss various design topics while sipping wine. A new
topic is discussed weekly, with comments and questions taken from House of
Funk’s Facebook and Instagram feeds. The show also features design industry
guests, with past appearances from LuAnn Nigara of A Well-Designed Business,
Nicole Heymer of Curio Electro, Ria Maqsudi of Wade Maxx Art & Framing,
Dane Rohmann of Exceptional Flooring Concepts, Peg Cafferty of Ad Lumen
Productions, and more.

About Sandra Funk:
Sandra Funk is the founder and principal designer of House of Funk, an award-winning full-service and luxury online interior design firm with offices in NY and NJ.


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