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How to Realistically Style a Night Stand for Interior Design Using Photoshop: The Design Cure

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Hey everyone, Welcome back to another exciting video here in Photoshop made just for you designers, my name is Brian Lee and today I’m going to be showing you how to use Photoshops measurement tools to create accurate 3d rooms that are built to scale. This way you can you can place custom product images confidently knowing that they will fit in your client’s space. After this tutorial, you will be quickly measuring in Photoshop!

You’ll also learn how to create visually accurate installation guides, inside your design boards, that your client can refer to when settings up items in their space. Like artwork, drapes, shelves and other aspects that need to be accurate.

This tutorial is just one example from our most popular course, Mastering Interior Design Boards. If you haven’t heard of it, the course offers a fully functional Photoshop template as well as in-depth training on creating professional 3d design boards fast.

In this tutorial, we will be using The Living Room Design Kit, but if you don’t have it, don’t worry, you can still learn Photoshops measuring tools for other aspects of your workflow.

So without further delay lets jump right in. See the video above for details.

Thank you for joining me on another Photoshop training tutorial for interior designers.

Hopefully, you now have a solid understanding or, at least, a great reference to refer back to, the next time you need to design a custom style for your client or if you need some image for your social media campaign to visually represent your interior design skills to the world.

Remember this was only a sneak peak of what’s inside our one on one design boot camp courses.

Theses course contain everything you need to create professional, realistic virtual interior designs for your business including:

Dynamic Photoshop templates that help you build rooms in minutes without having to worry about perspective.

Beginner to advanced training that can only be found in this course on
Preparing product images, creating realistic lighting and texturing details, adding effects such as reflections, contact shadows and much much more.

You’ll even get live training with me to make sure you don’t get stuck anywhere along the way.

I made these courses with the idea they will be the last ones you will ever need to take, for making and presenting professional 3d interior designs that will win you bids, impress your clients and build up a portfolio that will stand out from the competition.

Reserve your spot today by following this link

I look forward to having you on the course and to help you master interior design graphics, Until next time take care and happy designing!

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