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Revit and Dynamo for Interior Design from Autodesk University

A common challenge for an interior design firm is working as a subconsultant for an architecture firm and keeping room names, numbers, and finish information updated to populate room finish schedules. This is easily managed if you use Dynamo software to read information from the linked model and synchronize information in the interior design model. Another common struggle is coordinating annotated information, room finish schedules, and material finish legends. A number of work-arounds exist, though all produce complicated workflows and still leave a disconnect between what is actually modeled and what is documented. A similar method to syncing room information from a linked model can be used to read finish information in a Revit model to populate the room finish schedule. This presentation will be a combination of Microsoft PowerPoint and a live demonstration of techniques that BSA LifeStructures interior designers employ to improve the process of designing and documenting in Revit software with assistance from Dynamo.

For more, visit this resource and find other free learning material at Autodesk University online.


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