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2018 Chevrolet Tahoe exterior and interior design

Chevrolet Tahoe is part of the so-called “full-size” offer General Motors. Judging by General Motors, the main buyers of similar vehicles are family men who have larger families, which tells us that even an average family minivan solid job. However, unlike minivans, large SUVs are able to pull heavier loads, so we General Motors says it is ideal for family people who want to pull a caravan or boat and enjoy fishing and hunting. I am sure that many owners of such vehicles just to work, but in most cases when you see similar vehicles in the city, in them is the only middle-aged woman. In any case, before traveling stepping on the gas station to see for myself what is the consumption. According to the manufacturer’s number, consumption in the city is expected to be 14, 7 liters per 100 km, while the consumption on the highway for the lower four liters. It sounds too optimistic for the 2.5-ton SUV with a V8 engine, but as we shall see – and it is not difficult to achieve.


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