Interior Decorating

Commercial Interior Design.

Great space is not branding – great feeling is!
At Mindful Design Consulting we don’t just design your space, we make you feel good! It is not a secret that the built environment greatly affects human behavior, emotional and physical health, and our overall well-being. It is our responsibility to work together with our client (you) on creating a built environment that enhances human experience and improves our emotional and physical health.

Combined years of experience in commercial architectural design and access to any architecture style (sleek and contemporary to traditional) will be at your disposal when you choose us as your creative partner.

Increased portion of our work is the design of restaurants, retail showrooms, hotels, salons and spas. We also design corporate interiors and work with a few developers. Our clients recognize that customers “buy with their eyes” and that powerful branding has to be embodied in the design from the start. Some samples of our designs presented in this video. We would love to hear about your commercial interior or other design needs and ideas!

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