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057: Design Predictions from my Favorite Interior Designers

Four of my favorite professional interior designers share their thoughts on where they see design trends going for this year. We talk about textures, colors, metals, art and how to bring your own personality to your home design. These ladies also share their best tricks for room design if you can’t afford a interior designer. They each have a different style and you will learn so much from them.


One thought on “057: Design Predictions from my Favorite Interior Designers”

  • Heather Williams March 1, 2018 at 5:59 am

    Are you all serious? Sorry, Jennifer, I disagree with a lot of the predictions here. We are remodeling our home top to bottom and using many of the things you all are saying is out and it is looking beautiful. Shiplap is out? Maybe if you never were a shiplap fan to begin with it's out. Love your channel but not a fan of this episode.


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