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Interior Design Ideas for your new custom wood log cabin home or timber frame kitchens baths laundry

Design ideas, Custom finishes, how to advice,exposed beam,log,timber,hybrid.
Explore interior and exterior design options with Golden Eagle Log and Timber Homes.
Wall finish choices such as how much wood in the home,and what kind of texture the wood has, whats the width,is it smooth,hewn peeled,flat,round or reclaimed etc.
How much drywall will you have on the walls and ceilings. Will you use any stone on walls, bar fronts, pillars.Do want round or square exposed beams and how many and where, Golden Eagles design flexibility insure’s you can have only the ones you desire.
Are you going for the lodge look,farm house, north woods, elegant, rustic.sophisticated, or luxury style.
We also do cabinet design for kitchens,mud rooms,bathrooms,and more.its quite a bit different than conventional homes so rely on us for over 51 years of experience.
Whatever your dream is we can help personalize your new custom wood home anywhere in the USA and Canada.
Lets get started.

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