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Creatalog – International Interior Design Photography Competition – Click & Fly 2018

Click and Fly Photography Competition
Theme – Residential Interiors

Creatalog is hosting a two-month long photography competition with the aim of attracting the best talents in interior architecture photography.

Jury Panel
Entries will be judged by National Award winning cinematographer Padma Shri Mr Santosh S and National Geographic Grand finalist and Instagram sensation, photographer S Virdi. The final three winning entries will be exhibited on social media platforms. The competition is open to photographers of all ages and backgrounds.
The winning photographer will fly to and back from his choice of destination (from within the list shared by the host) besides getting a platform to share his work to a global audience.

Criteria for assessment of pictures:
1. Color pictures give a better sense of space than black and white ones.
2. Humans and animals should be avoided in the frame to keep the understanding and sanctity of the space intact.
3. Detailed pictures of interesting corners/ arrangements/ settings, grade higher than long angle shots which show complete spaces.

How do you participate?
Step 1 – Click and upload any 10 pictures of interiors of homes you find inspiring, to join the competition. The pictures can be taken by using your phone cameras too.

Step 2 – A committee of peers will vote for the top 20 pictures. We will intimate you if any of your uploads makes it to the Top 20.

Step 3 – A panel of renowned photographers will select the best 3 pictures. The results will be posted on social media sites for everyone to see.


Opens – February 23rd, 2018,
Entry Deadline – April 1st, 2018,
Results of Round 1 – April 10th, 2018
Final Results – April 23rd, 2018

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