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Eterno veneer for Interior Designers

Eterno veneer for Interior Designers

Eterno is name of a design. Firstly I will explain you how it is made. In this 1 inch of grain leaf is cut. In this differnt groups are placed and clipping is done. Not every company makes this kind of veneer. After lots of experience in tapping and pressing then oly one can make such kind of design. This is very difficult work.

There are horizontal and verticle Eterno Veneer. Horizontal is more difficult to produce and many are able to make verticle ones.

This is called a set of pattern, like this called mix width eterno, and looks very nice. If you buy few sheets of eterno and besides that you put other matching veneer it looks very nice.

This is labour intensive work. Since last 5 years this trend is going on. Many companies avoid manufraturing this type of veneer.

Eterno veneer is been manufractureed in Gujarat. This is a kind of art work.


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