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2019 Citroen Berlingo Driving Exterior interior design

New Berlingo also strengthens its strengths in terms of modularity and space on board, to make everyday use even easier: 3 independent rear seats, which fold easily retractable, flat platform up to the front passenger seat, always retractable, 2.70 m loading, 100 l of additional luggage compartment. Always modern, it uses a new platform, and proposes 19 driving aid technologies and 4 connectivity technologies, the latest generation of engines, such as the new Diesel 1.5 BlueHDi, 1,2 PureTech petrol or the EAT8 automatic transmission, ground connection that guarantees maximum comfort. Available in two sizes, M and XL from 4.40m and 4.75m, 5 and 7 seats, the new Citroën Berlingo will be presented in world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show and marketed in the second half of 2018.

New Citroën Berlingo, more modern, offers a robust, strong and adventurous look, without losing its characteristics of freshness and originality:
A different silhouette, with the windscreen carried forward and a taller and shorter bonnet, thanks to the adoption of the EMP2 platform for the front, which allows to reduce the overhang,
A front that is consistent with the identity of the Citroën brand, with its two-level light signature and the customization of the fog lamps with rounded corners,
A fluid silhouette, characterized by worked sides, Airbump in the lower part of the doors, an escape line in the rear part of the roof that makes the silhouette dynamic,
Citroën spirit interiors, with a spacious dashboard and different environments available
Customization with the XTR pack and colored details: pack color white or orange,
Two sizes, M and XL from 4.40 m and 4.75 m, available each with 5 and 7 seats.

New Citroën Berlingo takes advantage of its strengths to offer the easiest synthesis to live:
Exceptional modularity, with 3 separate seats in the rear seats, which disappear in the trunk with a simple action on the Magic flat controls. Combined with the front passenger seat, always concealed, it allows to obtain a flat floor and a load length that goes up to 2.70 m for the M version and 3.05 m for the XL version,
2 large sliding side doors, equipped with electric windows,
Reference boot volume, increased by 100 l, which reaches 775 l in the M version, which can be easily accessed thanks to the rear window that can be opened and the 2-position luggage cover
28 larger and more intelligent storage spaces (up to 186 l), such as the new generation Modutop multi-purpose roof, which improves brightness, or the Top Box drawer, unique thanks to the location of the Airbag in Roof.

New Citroën Berlingo enhances its performance and adopts:
The EMP2 platform in the front, which improves maneuverability (electric power steering, turning circle), optimizes weight and allows the latest generation driving aid, while the rear part remains unchanged, for a greater payload and to preserve the width between wheel arches,
19 driving aid technologies, such as the color Head up Display, the adaptive speed regulator, the electric parking brake, the reversing camera with Top Rear Vision, the Grip Control with Hill Assist Descent or the Stability Control of the trailer,
4 connectivity technologies like CITROËN Connect Nav or wireless charging for the Smartphone,
Innovative suspensions, the result of Citroën’s best savoir-faire at the service of comfort,
Wide range of performing engines such as the new 1.5 BlueHDi or the EAT8 automatic transmission and the PureTech 1.2.


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