Here’s a discipline that uses architectural concepts and design principles to transform structures into amazing spaces with cool design elements. Sounds interesting?

Interior Architecture and Design is the knowledge of and the ability to intelligently apply design concepts to create functionally and structurally sound and aesthetically appealing interiors. It requires knowledge of concepts of design and technology (within architecture) such as construction, material, landscape, space design, conservation, services (such as plumbing, HVAC) and even adaptive re-use (reusing a building for a purpose other than it was built for, such as, palaces that have now been converted into luxury hotels).
combined with an understanding of complex design processes, safety and sustainability, and demographics of end user.

In this way, an interior architect and designer is a specialist who –

-understands the structural, hardware-related and softer aspects of finishing and furnishing a space
-has a sound awareness of human history and anthropology, design theory and perspectives, materiality and technology, spatiality
-styling to give the best interior space experience to the client or user.

Some interesting areas of work for interior architect designers are in:

-Home and Office Interior Architecture and Design
-Set Design (Temporary and dynamic in nature)
-Exhibition Design (Temporary and dynamic)
-Retail Space Design (Dynamic )
-Residential and commercial landscape design and detailing
-Furniture, fixtures and equipment Design
-Accessories and Furnishings Design
-Visual design for Interior Design companies
-Interior Design in the health care and hospitality sectors

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