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Bookshelf Design for Interior Design

For my original piece of furniture, I wanted to make a bookshelf, because I enjoy reading. I have an appreciation for minimalism as well as Japanese design. So, I brought in both of those influences into my bookshelf. As far as the design, it is minimal because there isn’t very much going on as far as details and shapes. The shapes are simple lines and a circle and there aren’t any intricate designs on them. For the Japanese design elements (and I could be incorrect about this) I added the large circle. It seems to me that I see a lot of round shapes in Japans traditional designs. Since, we weren’t allowed to look at other furniture references, I was guessing.

In the video I provided, after giving you the full tour of the object, I moused over the places where books or other items would go on the bookshelf to be displayed.. The shape of the bookshelf alone is asymmetrical because of the position of the shelves themselves. The shapes are asymmetrical and the placement of the lines are asymmetrical. However, If you are to look at the two smaller shelves, they are balanced. Think about how many books are inside the circle, and how many are outside of the circle, they would be about the same, and this creates balance. The amount of weight from objects on the bookshelf are visually balanced.

In the video, please disregard the blue color inside the circle, this is suppose to be empty and I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it. The actual pieces of the bookshelf are shown in black and red. I used these dark colors because they can work well in a darker room and I was also thinking about Louis Vuitton heels when I made it.


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