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A Cozy House With An Attic With A Functional Interior Design | Amazing Small House Design Ideas

Z89 is a cozy house with an attic with a functional interior design. A simple, compact body with a gable roof is dressed in modern facades.
A representative zone with a rich economic base is planned on the ground floor. There is a spacious wardrobe in the hall, a boiler room with a window, a large bathroom with a shower and a handy pantry. A large kitchen with a dining room in the bay window is located on the garden side. The spacious living room has windows on three sides, which will provide him with excellent lighting. The layout of the structural walls allows for many modifications and adaptation of the interior to your own needs. You can move the kitchen from the front, and in its place arrange an extra room. In the attic there are 3 comfortable bedrooms, a large bathroom and a dressing room.
Z89 fits perfectly with people looking for an interesting and practical home, cheap to build and use with timeless accents. A bay window from the garden, a dormer window with a triangular window and a modern form of roofing above the entrance will surely meet these requirements.

This project is also on the market under the name:
– WAE1100
– TUV-675
– SZ5 Z89 CE (HOUSE OZ6-68)

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