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Interior Design Ideas #2 : Interior Design to trick Your Brain

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“Fake it until you make it”

50% of Interior designing is fake.
OK! Let me explain. When you are trying to design your room, 50% of things you do is actual physical change. Other 50% is about tricking your brain. Our brain processes visuals our eyes see. We live in 3 dimensional world, but our eyes send 2 dimensional pictures to brain. Brain has to do work on these images & it creates some impression.
There are certain places where you feel relaxed, you cannot defined exactly reason but you unknowingly like the places & you feel like spending time. Chances are these places have done things correctly. They have got their Design correct. Physically & visually.
Like many home owners, if you have got room that is small & you want to make it look spacious. There are limited physical changes that you can do to make it look bigger. You can break the wall. You cannot raise the ceiling. All you have got is to play with 50% of tricks which makes your room look more spacious.


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