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2018 Toyota Camry new exterior and interior design

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In today’s time when the Camry is available only as a four-door sedan (formerly existed coupe and wagon, or have been shut down due to poor sales), designers have had a difficult job to present several different ideas identical cars. Cartabiano is particularly proud of the XLE version, which in previous years received a lot of praise. He said that the CE must be distinguished from the rest of offers to the extent that the average person could not recognize them, and with 60 meters. XLE provides a mask similar to what we see on luxury Lexus with black accents, chrome 19-inch wheels, dual exhaust, a glass roof and sports bumpers. These design details are optional, and the SE model, and below them, there is two more basic model (LE and CE).
Similar design changes and the interior itself is very advanced compared to the model it replaces. Space continues to have the three passengers in the rear seats, but they will now be more comfortable because of the Camry 3.3 cm wider. From Toyota say that the legroom is also increased (although the length increased by only 1.1 cm), while customers will appreciate hybrids and dimensions of the trunk when the batteries are transported under the rear seats. In this way, the first time in the history of hybrid provides the identical dimensions as the rest of the offer. Judging by the pictures, we can conclude that I am a very appealing interior design, clear and easy to use.
2018 Camry is the first model in the new company Tngai (Toyota New Global Architecture) platform, which was developed to be a comfortable, sporty and flexible enough to be on it produces several different models. Almost every mechanical part is brand new or significantly improved. Toyota has paid special attention to the suspension in order to provide “a combination of comfortable Lexus with sporty Toyota 86”. As for the engines, the offer starts with the first four-cylinder engine of the new “Dynamic Force” family. It has a capacity of 2.5 liters, which is the same as its predecessor, but from Toyota say they are not connected. At the time of writing this story, its strength is unknown, a mention that the Camry in the past provided 178 hp in standard form.


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