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What is Your Role in Interior Designing [Panel Discussion]

Here is another panel discussion on an important topic, which is the “Customer’s Involvement in Interior Designing”.

The entire subject can be broadly classified into four scenarios; all of them have been discussed in this video in detail.

The first scenario is the traditional one, where the customer wants to get the work done by a carpenter. In this case, what should be roles and responsibilities of the customer?

Firstly, when specifying the requirements to the carpenter a proper drawing of the furniture you want to be made along with the exact color codes and precise dimensions should be given to him. Also, make sure that the site where the work is going on is visited by you at least thrice in a week if there is no involvement of the designer.

In case you are hiring a designer to look after the work, then too you must visit the sight once a week. The involvement of the customer during the selection of raw material of the furniture is also quite necessary.

The second scenario is when the customer is running short time to compensate which he goes for online shops or furniture stores. In such a case, what is the homework that the customer needs to do? The exact dimensions of the wall where the furniture needs to be placed should be taken to avoid any problems later.

The new furniture’s color should be matched with the already existing ones and another important point mentioned at 4:38 min is to read the terms and conditions given on the websites while making a purchase. The customer should also try to be there at the day of delivery and during their installation.

The third scenario is when the customer hires an end to end service provider for the interior décor. Ms. Vatsala tells that in such a case, the customer should make his/her requirements regarding the furniture very clear in the first phase itself and then let the designer do the job.

Also, the site should be visited at least once in 15 days to make sure that the actual output is in line with whatever was documented or conveyed.

At 11:20 min in the video another significant point is discussed by the three panelists, which is how much freedom should the customer give the interior designer and how many people should be involved in the decision making?

Summarizing the discussion on this aspect, Mr. Arun says that only the functional requirements should be conveyed to the designer by the customer and then let them do the rest of the work.


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  • sneha kulkarni February 3, 2018 at 10:34 am

    gud job appreciated.keep going……

  • Star Home February 3, 2018 at 10:34 am

    Hey Bonito ! 
    it was a great discussion . You guys are doing a great job . I am following you guys from last 3 months . Currently i m doing a course of Interior designing . I have some questions .

    What is cost per sq-ft to design a home . ?
    Is there any minimum budget to design a house . ?


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