A lot of people have a misconception of what the Interior Design Career consists of.

Interior Designers don’t just Decorate, that would be an Interior Decorator. Although, we are Interior Decorators, but that is just a small portion or what we call, the icing on top of the cake we made from scratch.

Interior Designers are actually very similar to Architects. We create Floor plans for Residential AND Commercial Spaces. Once the Floor layout of the interior is created, we choose all the plumbing, lighting, electrical, finishes, custom millwork, decor and any other custom built pieces of the Interior spaces from start to finish.

We then do the Construction drawings for all of these things for the Trades to build it from.

Being an Interior Designer, it is a Fun , Hardworking, Rewarding and Interesting career with endless opportunities to express your creativity.

Interior Designers are actually … DESIGNERS.
We can create just about anything.


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